Based on materials such as stones, pebbles and wood, we have designed a romantic island. The passageway of Ninemia welcomes you in bright lights. The pink bougainvillea and tamarisk showcase its Aegean Sea architecture.

The interior of NINEMIA keeps the visual contact to the sea intact. Its luxurious and sophisticated style is completed by the ‘romantic’ round tables and the baroque style Tiffany chairs.

The age-old emblematic tree emerging from the roof takes the life of a real sculpture, which gives an artistic and plastic sense to the venue.

It provides a suite in calm pastel shades.

Highlight: Taking pictures on the impressively illuminated rocks with the big blue as background.

Capacity: 360 seated persons and 800 more persons for a Cocktail Party.

All-season “Ninemia”: You can choose the lighting and decoration, if you want to add your own touch to the venue or express your unique personal style.

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At the wedding of Minas and Amalia we experienced the feeling of endless and massive love! It is the moment when you are in a place and as you look around you see people who feel so much joy and love for the couple! It was really impressive! The party was one of those things you did not want to end! We are grateful that we were part of such a unique day!

Directed by Stamatis Liontos