It is the cosmopolitan island of SEA SOUL. Its majestic entrance, decorated with total white lamps and the wooden handmade table with the sea shells, immediately, puts you in a romantic and luxurious mood which lasts till the end of the event.

The venue has a permanent view of the beauty of the boundless sea; the fascinating element of the blue water keeps you company all around the venue, and that is from the amphitheatrical dining room, which completes the hall, to the atmospheric balcony with the wooden benches.

The luxury and elegance of the interior is showcased owing to the added oval round tables, the white wooden monastery tables and the Tiffany chairs.

The venue provides you with a suite in romantic pastel shades.

Capacity: 400 seated persons και 1.500 more persons for a Cocktail Party.

All-season “en Thalatti”: You can choose the lighting and decoration in order to add your own personal touch to the venue.

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